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Auto Response

When you create a HTML contact form, you will most likely need a email field to collect the email address of the person submitting the form.

Here is a simple example of a form that will only collect the form users email address.

Make sure you replace the form action endpoint xxxxxxx placeholder to point to a real form id.

<form action="" method="post">
<label for="email">Email</label>
<input name="email" type="email" required>
<button type="submit">Send</button>

You can have your form send an (automatic) auto-response email to the user after they submit the form. To send an auto-response email make sure that both the form input element email name is set to email and in the dashboard - form settings you have selected send auto-response email.

Auto-response email subject. You can change the subject of the email sent - this will show in the users email inbox.

Autoresponse Email Template. You can send a more personalized email auto-response. See the section on templating for more detail.

Auto-response reply_to email address. When a user receives the auto-response email and clicks on reply to sender. Their reply to email will be sent to this address.